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Accepted an offer for the role in the industry I dreamt about

Alina, Pharmaceutical company, Zurich

I spent many years in a law firm in Switzerland and my goal was to transition to a specific role within legal function in the pharma industry. I wanted to better understand how to embrace the job search and a friend in my circle strongly recommended working with Munisa. I went through Munisa’s career publications on social media and really liked the way she presents information on various career-related questions. Her publications and approach seemed very motivating to me. Munisa’s vast HR experience in pharma was also of a great relevance to my goal.

Alina took online course and 3 career coaching sessions.
Point А
I was not sure how to start the search, how to expand my professional network and what the best job search channels would be in my case. I also wanted my CV to be reviewed under the guidance of a career professional and to practice my interview skills.

At this stage I have significantly developed my professional network, gained confidence in myself and in my networking and self-presentation skills. And on top of that, I accepted an offer for the role in the industry I dreamt about!

How we worked together

I started with Munisa’s very informative online course on job search in Switzerland, thanks to which I learnt, among others, about the importance of networking, providing examples of achievements in CV, as well as about most effective job search channels and how to prepare to job interviews.

In total, I had three consultations with Munisa.

First of all I worked on my CV, bringing it to current standards and adding relevant achievements. Even though making first steps in this direction was quite challenging to me, Munisa’s encouragement helped me overcome my shyness and I started networking more and more on LinkedIn with the professionals from the industry of interest. After our consultation I had a much better understanding on how to approach other professionals and discuss the questions of interest, which allowed me to schedule a number of introductory discussions.

Not only was I able to expand my professional network over time, but it also helped me develop and practice self-presentation skills, as well as learn about the specificities of the in-house roles, which was hugely useful when I was later in the hiring process for a similar role. As to the interview consultation with Munisa at the early stages of the process, this helped me to prepare in depth for all subsequent interview rounds.

When an exciting vacancy finally came out, I applied and received an invitation for the first interview. At this stage I asked Munisa for a consultation on interview preparation. Munisa guided me through many tricky questions based on the job description and the consultation provided me with an understanding on how to anticipate questions that could be asked during an interview and how to prepare to them. I then created a master file on interview preparation breaking down the questions into several topics and preparing relevant examples.

Munisa is very motivating, professional and flexible. She puts her client at ease and skilfully provides constructive feedback. I have always felt encouraged after our consultations. As I said earlier, I had three consultations in the span of a year and Munisa always remained available in between and provided her advice and guidance during the process.

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