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got new role with pay rise during massive redundancies

Tanja, Marketing Director, Basel
To successfully go through interview process and get a pay rise.
Work format
Career consultancy package
Point A
My company announced the biggest reorganization in history which meant 50% reduction of roles in my area. My role was gone, and I had to find a new one in a very competitive environment and a short period of time.
I got permanent role with pay rise during turbulent times in my company.
What was done

I came for a mock interview with Munisa after being rejected for several roles of my interest. The one I wanted to practice interview for was new to me, and I had a lot of doubts If that was the right one.

Not only we practiced interview questions, but also brainstormed about the potential of working with new stakeholders and my onboarding process. I saw the positive side of working there, and this helped me to demonstrate the right level of motivation.

Even though the competition was very high, I went through the process very quickly, and for my 3 session I requested to discuss the pay rise discussion with Munisa. She explained the decision process from HR and Managers’ point o view. Provided the analytics and benchmarking, and I was able to negotiate the pay rise using this information smartly.