HR insights – ваш путеводитель по карьерному развитию


Permanent contract in Berlin

Yana, Head of trade marketing department, Berlin
New career opportunities within current employer abroad
Work format
Yana took the career search strategy session and 3 mock interviews with hiring managers and HR.
Point A
No experience with job interviews at that level. I moved within company without assessment cases or any interviews. I didn’t understand local job markets in Europe, and how to establish contacts with hiring managers and HR from other cultures to explore job opportunities.
After the first session, I had a clear career plan based on my strengths and motivation. Mock interviews helped me become either a final candidate for the role or get the job offer.
What was done

Together with Munisa, we have prioritized countries or relocation based on 3 key principles: Why me? What value can I bring to this market? How this experience can help me with further career growth.

The most helpful support that I got from Munisa- clarity and focus on my career development plan based on my motivation and opportunities or future growth.

During career strategy session, she shared her knowledge about pharma market, specifics of top countries and openness for young talents with regards to temporary assignments, project work and talent development programs.

 During mock interview, Munisa prepared questions that I could use with HR and hiring managers, the structure and purpose was very helpful.

The first interview with the Global HR leader felt more like an informal conversation, I felt so ready and relaxed!

I overcame anxiety and fears of not knowing the right answer. I became more confident and focused my answers based on the needs of the interviewer. I was prepared to share what I could offer to that specific market, based on my strengths and projects.

During mock interviews, Munisa helped me to pause and reflect after each answer. Identify my fears and find the solution to overcome it.

I am relocating to Berlin in January. This was my preferred location!