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Overcame fears and got new assignment

Samira, Data Analyst, Yerevan

Having worked in the company or more than 1 year, I started to realize that I could move forward, but I didn’t know which department to choose smartly. I wanted to make a cross-functional move in scientific projects where I could obtain new skill set.

My request to Munisa was in moving to a new department which was agreed with my current manager.  

Work format
Samira took a career development package of 3 sessions.
Point A
Before working with Munisa, I was not able to initiate this conversation with my manager. I didn’t know how to prepare and conduct such conversations, where to find my arguments. I had a lot of fears and saboteurs that stopped me in moving forward.
I spoke with my manager, and she was very supportive about my career aspirations. She asked me to find my replacement and coordinate the hiring process with our HR team.
What was done

Sessions with Munisa were full of insights and useful recommendations and feedback. I learned a lot about the context of setting a meeting with my manager. Put myself in her shoes.

I also practiced the conversation about my development where Munisa acted as my manager. She helped me to find relevant arguments and not to become assertive.

She helped me to create the development plan with the right balance o development opportunities at work. And assess my readiness to move into new role.

Munisa suggested to find new projects to test the waters with new team. I created the plan of finding my replacement and an onboarding program so that I could move asap to the new role.

I felt much more confident to initiate development conversation with my manager. I could do it, despite all my saboteurs! I am in charge of my career, I am responsible for my development.

I am so happy about this outcome! I am proud of myself- I overcame my barriers, and I felt supported by an experienced mentor and coach during this time.