HR insights – ваш путеводитель по карьерному развитию



Natalia, internal audit manager, Moscow
Realizing that my further professional advancement requires more awareness of goals, more specific objectives and instruments to achieve them. Additionally, wanted to learn how to manage my emotional state more successfully in the process, especially when experience failures.
Work format
Natalia picked a career development package
Point A
There hasn’t been a qualitative development in my career last 5 years, motivation and drive were gone, frustration and rejection of most tasks were building up, I couldn’t accept changes and lost the reasonable and thoughtful approach “How can it benefit me” which changed into “I’m fed up with all of this”. Procrastination got worse. I lacked a vision, a plan (my own, personal) in any area.

“I practice active reflection (as I call it) on a regular
basis. I managed my emotional state after an
unpleasant conversation with the manager much
better. Having goal/actions helps a lot, it helps to
stay focused.

I am certainly more aware of my actions and results. I understand instruments in hand to manage situations. The sense of a barrier when taking initiative reduced”.

What was done

Answering the question “How will I know that the
goal has been achieved” was a new experience for
me. It turned out to be not the easiest question to
answer 🙂 I also realized that even if you have a kind
of understanding of the goal, its oral articulation
and fixation in specific words on paper/in a file, it
makes this goal more clear and perceived and this
alone tells you the direction towards it.

I felt very psychologically comfortable during
sessions but the brain keeps working at the
same time and does it more productively.

First, I recommend you should not think too long and start at once if you have any questions to yourself which you can’t answer due to any reasons. Second, answer truthfully to yourself, there are no wrong answers. Third, spend your session time productively: think, answer, articulate, aim for productivity.