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Yulia, lawyer, Geneva
To find a job as a lawyer in IP
Work format
Yulia got ‘Finding a job in Switzerland course’ and a personal consultation
Point A

No work experience in Switzerland
Basic French language skills
No European certificates and diploma

“Found a job in my field, office is a 15-minutes walk from home, a dream 🙂 I’m very happy and very grateful to you for your guidance! After consulting with you I felt self-confidence that’s why I was selling myself actively at the interview. Everything came together like a puzzle that’s why I can’t wait to start working”.
What was done

“You won’t believe me but 10 minutes after you texted
and asked how I was doing, I got a contact request
from a recruiter in LinkedIn (LinkedIn is power after
all)). Your instincts are incredible! I saw that the
recruiter was a lawyer, I added her and asked for a
meeting and then I saw on her account that they were
looking for a Russian speaking lawyer – bullseye!) As
you recommended, I was active and pro-active, I tried
to grasp the opportunity right from the start. The
interview with her went well and then I had 2 interviews
with the company.”

I’m so very grateful to you for your advice at the consultation, your Sincerity and support!