HR insights – ваш путеводитель по карьерному развитию



Anonymous, Insights Manager, Zurich

How to choose between transferring to the marketing
department and being promoted in one’s own position
maintaining relationship with the boss and colleagues

Work format
2 in-person consultations
Point A
No experience of such kind of negotiations Insecurity about own experience

The client realized that she already matched the role a step higher.

The manager confirmed the promotion and appreciated
the openness and honesty regarding h development.

Received a +20% raise in salary, a +50% bonus and a corporate car

A colleague from marketing, understanding the expectations, promised to return with a more interesting proposal after a while.

What was done

Defined key goals for 2-3 years

Considered various career options, including the ones
outside the company

Assessed the competencies and range of tasks in both roles

Built a plan of communication and expectations with the hiring manager in marketing

Rehearsed the conversation with the leader,
worked on the inner impostor

I would like to say a huge thank you to Munisa for
the consultation! Not so often I get to leave a
review, let alone such a long one, but this time I
could not resist. To be honest, I didn’t expect that
consultations could be so effective and would
tremendously help to make my choice in terms of
further career development!

During the consultation, we discussed two options for
a career path: 1) to continue to develop in my current
role, aiming at promotion in the medium term, 2) to move
to another department for an open position, thus expanding my specialization.

After talking with Munisa, I managed to sort
everything out, set priorities, draw up a plan
and prepare for meetings with the boss and the
head of another department, clearly define goals.
Thanks to Munisa, for the first time in my life, I was
able to confidently initiate a conversation about
a promotion, as well as discuss specific development
options with my boss. Moreover, Munisa’s subsequent
advice helped gain more confidence in negotiations,
job opening discussion and even ‘self-promotion’ (when appropriate, of course).