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Moved to London with promotion and permanent contract

Anonymous, Performance Management Director, London
To get a permanent role with the company in Europe.
Work format
Career consultancy package
Point A
My temporary assignment in Geneva came to an end, and my employer was not supportive to extend it. I came back to Moscow and got promoted to the role I was not happy about.
Within several months I got the job in London that was 100% in line of my career ambition.
What was done

Munisa gave me a bird’s eye view on recruitment process in regional and global structures. This helped me to see beyond my current role and scope of projects. This information helped me to create the strategy in becoming more visible or hiring managers.

We created the development plan according to career ladder in my company. Identified certifications and experiences I needed to obtain to strengthen my profile. I activated my network in Switzerland, some of very senior colleagues have agreed to become my career sponsors.

I rewrote my CV, and the feedback from one of hiring managers was fantastic. He said it was perfect. Munisa has great experience with stakeholder management. During mock interviews she acted as one of my future stakeholders, HR, or a hiring manager. After this practice and her feedback, the interview process was much easier for me.

Having worked with Munisa, I now struggle to find a coach that is up to her level. She is a real benchmark not only as a career coach.

Munisa gives you honest feedback, paints the real picture and encourages you to think out-of-the box. At the same time, I felt so comfortable and supported throughout the whole process.”