HR insights – ваш путеводитель по карьерному развитию



Anonymous, HR Director, Moscow

1. To build an effective HR team with limited resources
2. To define directions of professional and personal

Work format
The client picked an Executive & Business coaching offer
Point A

“I think we don’t have enough resources to make
our function to work effectively and could not
only support but also develop those areas we’re
responsible for”

“Due to big high load of the team and a lot
of routine work there isn’t always an opportunity
to spend enough time on developing and
increasing effectiveness of ongoing processes,
to be aware of HR trends and to devote sufficient
time to strategy”


I defended the new structure with the management
and received 2 additional staff members and outsourcing funding of certain processes.

Built more open relationship on equal terms between colleagues and CEO of the company

Took up strategy projects and finish work much sooner

Got a job offer from a well known western FMCG company which made me more confident in my knowledge.

What was done

Defined current business needs and expectations from HR. This helped realize that the current structure supports more the processing (administrative) part and the internal clients want to see the partnership regarding training, development, recruitment and onboarding of the personnel.

Identified the team’s strengths and found projects and tasks that can be delegated. Found out which of the employees do not fit with the new structure and which knowledge the team requires.

Pinpointed what most of the working hours are spent on – determined which meetings can be not attended, which can me minimized or delegated.

Worked through personal growth areas and the feeling of accepting the role of the HR Director and a management team member.