HR insights – ваш путеводитель по карьерному развитию



Anonymous, HR Manager, Moscow
Wishing to return to Switzerland on a permanent contract after a temporary appointment of 1.5 years
Work format
The client took a career development package
Point A
Lack of understanding of her positioning as a candidate, unwillingness to perceive weaknesses in her career as opportunities for development

“I gained an understanding of several options for
career development, I learned to articulate my
achievements clearly and give examples of completed

Global vision of my place in the candidate’s market,
faith in my work experience, confidence in passing
the interview “

What was done

Skills for interviews, resume and cover letter
writing have been worked out.
“Munisa knows how to ask the right questions
and does not train you on simple ones, gives the
most difficult ones, which “blow up the brain”
at first but then sort the experience gained out
and help to honestly and most vividly tell about
yourself as a candidate. Very often
it happens as Munisa says at the beginning “

She is currently undergoing a final interview
with a company in Switzerland

I came to the course for insights from an
international recruiting specialist that would
help me complete the picture and look at the
job search in Switzerland from the employer’s
side. Before the course, I received mostly refusals
or silence in response from employers

Methods of assessing current knowledge and
abilities were new to me on the course, as
well as awareness of my potential and “pumping”
for development as a result of filling out
workbooks. As a result of completing the course,
I made up my career strategy, learned how to
assess vacancies for compliance with my
development plan. A very important element
of the course was examples of writing a
resume and a motivation letter, highlighting
the right accents in order to interest the employer.
I also received specific advice and self-presentation
skills for interviewing. A detailed description of job
search channels became an undoubted insight for me.

Having completed the course, I believed that I could
find my dream job. It all depends on the correct
allocation of time and effort, my creative approach
and proactive actions. I received the tools for this
on the course.