HR insights – ваш путеводитель по карьерному развитию



Anna, St Petersburg
Career advancement to a manager in my own company by means of taking part in a cross-functional project and working with a career sponsor
Work format
Anna chose a coaching package deal
Point A
Lack of understanding how to prioritize tasks and communicate with executive management
“Transition from technical function performance as assigned by job description to working with the management of a big company, taking part in creating new projects as a working team leader, a recently received invitation to be a part of another working group as an expert and much more”.
What was done
“It was the coach I found in you who became that force and motivator which I needed for years. Your ability to listen, to ask guiding questions, sometimes to understand not fully formed (defined) needs, your help in finding one’s strengths and work on individuality and its power have all turned out to be that winning strategy which led to considerable changes in my career”.

I read somewhere recently that a psychologist
as an assistant in professional experience
issues goes into the background and in today’s
world it’s the coach who is gaining more

It’s with a great and sincere pleasure that I
recommend you to my acquaintances who are
going to move to other countries and to those
who are looking for a new job in their own and
to those who just want to grow professionally.

Your recommendations are diverse inter- and cross-functionally; they address individual needs of each person and thus are unique.

Thanks so much for your work and support.