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Got a new job within 2 weeks

Andre, Geneva, Financial sector
I wanted to upgrade my CV in order apply for jobs and in case of online postulation to be able to pass through the filtering system.
Work format
1 consultation to review and update CV
Point A
I didn’t look for a job prior contacting Munisa, I wanted to be ready for applying to jobs.
I sent my CV to one employer after having it improved by Munisa. The result was that we didn’t talk about my past experience but on what I could bring to the company. Each one said that my CV was impressive. I got a new job within 2 weeks.
What was done
Thanks to Munisa, I was able to understand that a CV is not only a recap of your work life but that I have to prioritize how to sell my achievements and how I to create the need for employers to meet me. Clearly Munisa helped a lot to structure my CV, in order for recruiters to have a good impression of me within 1 minute.
Munisa puts you at ease and first understand your needs. Then she focus on helping you finding ways to better understand what employers are looking for