HR insights – ваш путеводитель по карьерному развитию

About me


Munisa Iuldasheva
International career coach and mentor


I believe talent has no boundaries, it needs right support. I support in becoming a true leader, to build strong teams and achieve results. Each client is wholesome and unique for me.


Hello, my name is Munisa and I’m a certified career
coach from Switzerland. My work is based on 13 years of
experience as a manager, HR business partner, talent manager
in multinational corporations.

1. Economist with a diploma of the Financial University under
the Government of the Russian Federation
2. 13 years of a successful career in HR in Michael Page, Adidas,
Philip Morris companies.
3. Member of the International Coaches Federation (ICF)
4. Certified career coach
5. 4 years of living in Switzerland
6. Working with diverse teams and clients from Columbia to Japan
7. Mentor for HR in social mentoring
8. Consulting in fluent Russian and English languages



I love what I do! Each meeting fills me with resources, and I am sincerely happy when you succeed. And I understand that it’s essential to feel the support when you go through serious changes.
When you received an offer in a company of your dreams, opened a successful business or achieved and important goal, you only made it halfway. You need to stay resourceful and have a support team in order to have enough strength for sustained results.
My clients find a mentor in me who gives them encouragement and self-confidence. I am able to listen and understand people’s needs, I build long-term relationship based on trust and honest feedback.
When I help my clients discover options they haven’t had any idea about before, their head ‘explodes’ in a good way.
My journey


I changed an unloved profession of a financier to an
HR specialist 13 years ago. Although my family and
loved ones tried to dissuade me, I believed with all
my heart that doing what I love will get me to the top
much faster than a job I wasn’t feeling passionate about.
And so I grew from a recruiter position to a talent management
strategist in the largest pharmaceutical company in the
world with a 50 billion dollars turnover based in Switzerland.

I’m always ‘in the field’, I communicate with colleagues
from professional communities, attend team meetings.
I know all there is to know about my clients and skills
required in ever changing conditions. I challenge myself
all the time, never able to stand still. I get always invited
to the most difficult projects where it’s necessary to
implement serious changes while maintaining a healthy


Working in finance
Financial controller in international companies


Michael Page
Key account manager, senior consultant


HR Business partner/Recruiting team leader


Philip Morris
HR Business partner/ Talent manager


№1 pharmaceutical company in the world
Coaching culture manager, talent management strategist, HR Business partner


UK, 2018
1. Talent Management Institute,
Talent Strategy Group
UK, 2019-2021
2. Results Coach,
NeuroLeadership Institute
USA, 2020
3. Career Coach,
IAP College
USA, 2020
4. Certified Career Coach,
Experts Coach Academy
Switzerland, 2020-2021
5. Co-Active Coach, Co-Active Training Institute, Switzerland
About me


My profession was chosen by my father when I was 14. ‘You are going to be a financier’ sounded like a sentencing. Dreams about a philologist job were crushed in a moment. It was no use arguing with father for ‘you can’t make money off knowing languages’. I was transferred from the linguistic lyceum, where I was going to graduate with honors, to a school under the Financial University. So began excruciating years of studying maths.

When I was in my first year, dad passed away, we lost everything in a second. I was grateful for being able to study for free and get a steady job despite it being not my favorite. I started my internship in a bank and stayed in finance for 7 years.

I felt out of place all those years. If I had had a mentor back then, I would have seen an opportunity to change the profession. But I was scared. I don’t regret having worked in finance for quite a long time for that knowledge helps me to be good at figuring out business indicators, budgets, investing.

Having lived with the ‘from’ motivation for a long time, I read an article in a women’s magazine – if you start doing what you love from scratch, you will become successful much quicker than if you were doing something your heart is not in. That became my mantra.

I started looking for a job the usual way – through recruiting agencies. Everyone told me I was crazy and tried to persuade me ‘not throw away 7 years of my life’. But I was relentless. I was ready to start from scratch and believed in myself when no one else did. And then I decided to go to the agency and become a consultant who can listen and understand candidates’ needs and not only close vacancies.

In the first quarter I already had my own clients and the most successful start in the company. In 3 months I started developing my own team. And then I realized that I’m in the right place and since then I’ve been happy every day surrounded by people united with similar values. The essential thing for me is to build long term relationship based on trust and same goals. This is the reason I still keep in touch with many of my clients. Two companies offered me to become an HR partner without being interviewed. And I’ve been working in one of these companies for 7 years now.

These days I lead HR strategy projects for 100000 people in Switzerland. My love for foreign languages and intercultural communication, the ability to solve non standard issues and faith in myself led to a six-figure salary. I still feel fear in situations of uncertainty but I know that I will be able to learn fast and apply all of my experience. But the main thing is that I enjoy sharing that experience.

I support clients in realizing themselves in work they love even though first it seems there’s no way out. Together we will find meaning and opportunities which will help form a strategy and make it to the top.